Wedding Crashers – Don’t Let Amateur Valets Ruin Your Wedding!

So you’re getting married!? Congratulations! Here’s to a lifetime of joy and happiness with the love of your life! Your wedding day should be the most wonderful day of your life, and you’ll want the ceremony to be as beautiful and unforgettable as possible, for both you and your guests.

One way of making your wedding a more enjoyable experience for all your guests is to use a valet parking service. It’s a nice, thoughtful touch that your guests will appreciate. In the unfortunate event that it should be raining during your wedding, valet parking can mean the difference between happy, contented guests, and wet, miserable ones.

But don’t try to cut corners and save a few dollars by enlisting your brother in law and his buddies, or several friends of the bride and groom, to handle the valet parking duties at your wedding. Sure, you’ll potentially save a little money, but you’re taking some mighty big risks by doing something like that. There’s a lot of responsibilities – and potential liabilities – that come into play whenever someone drives someone else’s car, even for a short distance. Wedding Crashers was the title of a funny movie, but you don’t want any real life wedding crashers on your special day. A minor fender bender, or worse, could get you and your new spouse into a lot of hot water. Why take the risk?

A professional valet service uses trained valets to park your guests’ cars, and in the event of something going wrong, it’s the valet company that will be on the hook, not you. Besides, using professional valets greatly reduces the risk that something will go wrong. Any reputable company will hire only competent, reliable drivers with great driving records. You need all the peace of mind you can get on your wedding day, so let a professional valet service handle your parking needs.