Top Ten Wedding Bands in Kansas City

Times have changed! The days of the old wedding bands are over – old guys wearing tuxedos with music stands in front of them playing the same old tired songs that we’ve heard a million times at every wedding we’ve ever attended, today’s couples are ready for something new. Since the average age of engaged couples is now around 22-25 years old, they are looking for something a little bit more up with the times. The new couples are looking for a band that can please the older guests at the beginning of the night with some classic wedding band songs, but then can turn on the jet burners and kick into “club mode” as it gets later and the young guests have finally had enough to drink to get on the dance floor. And most importantly, you don’t want your wedding band to even resemble that terrible band that “you know who” had last fall.

We interviewed over 100 newlyweds and married couples who attended at least 3 weddings in Kansas City in the past year to determine our list of Kansas City’s top ten wedding bands:

1. The KC All Stars

Three time back-to-back winners of the “Best Band in Kansas City” award in 2008, 2009 and 2010, The KC All Stars are clearly the hottest thing going. What makes these guys so popular is that they are not just a wedding band, they are a legit national touring act as well who have played in the big arenas opening up for Brian McKnight, The Temptations, Gloria Gaynor just to name a few. The KC All Stars can light up any stage, whether it’s an entire stadium, a summer festival, and then come in and hit a home run at your wedding reception. The term “impress your friends!” would be an understatement for this band. Your friends will stalk you for months asking for the band’s contact info…..but don’t give it to them because you want to hog them all for yourselves:)

2. The Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Crashers are definitely a crowd pleaser. As with The KC All Stars in the number 1 slot, The Wedding Crashers aren’t your grandpa’s wedding band. They can play the hits of the classic generations but they can also pump it up and perform all of your favorite current hits as well when the night gets going.

3. The Taxis

The Taxis are Kansas City’s hottest 80’s band who not only cover the 80’s music but also the hits from every generation. Although focused mostly on the 80’s, The Taxis are a crowd favorite because they cater to every age group and music genre.

4. Dueling Pianos

Now if you really want to get creative, consider hiring Kansas City’s best Dueling Pianos for your wedding reception. Dueling Pianos is very unique in that it is almost all request, intimate and very “live”. Your guests will be invited to sing along and get involved in the act, while at the same time the dueling piano players will keep your party under control and perform all of your favorite hits from the 50’s – the present. The Kansas City dueling pianos come with their own pianos.

5. The Mile High Band

The Mile High Band is a good choice for that little touch of country with your rock and roll. A perfect blend of rock and roll and country hits will get your party going early.

6. Karma

Karma is one of the only true funk and R&B bands left in the Midwest. Karma stays true to form by performing all of your favorite hits from the 60’s to the modern radio singles by black artists. Karma was known in the 80’s and the 90’s as the band “Simplexity”. They changed their name to Karma recently but still carry the same style and swagger.

7. The Zeros

If you like the 80’s – I mean REALLY REALLY like the 80’s, then The Zeros are the best in Kansas City. The Zeros are by far the most popular 80’s band in the Midwest with a HUGE following that packs every nightclub that they perform in. They are not a band for your typical wedding, make sure you seat grandma far away from the stage because she might get set on fire. The Zeros are a take no prisoners, straight up in your face 80’s rock band that will not play any typical wedding songs. If you’re looking for something really different for your wedding, The Zeros are your band!

8. Dr. Zhivegas

If you’ve got the wallet or purse (depending on who’s paying) for it, Dr. Zhivegas is one of the hottest dance bands in the country. Performing every major venue from St. Louis to Las Vegas, Dr. Z has been a dance club staple band for over 15 years.

9. The Good Foot

The Good Foot is a great throwback to the James Brown and Motown era.

10. Retroactive

What is a Wedding Crasher?

There are many people that get a lot of fun out of crashing weddings. This is when they intrude on someone’s wedding that they do not know. This is something that many people do for a pastime and as a night out. However it may be fun for them, it can be a disaster if it is not planned right.

Sometimes a wedding crasher will just pop into someone’s wedding inexpediently. They will walk in like they are family and act as if nothing is wrong. There are some occasions where people will questions his or her presence and find out who this dressed up stranger is. Other times, they will go unnoticed.

In some cases, the wedding crasher will give a made up explanation of who they are and how they know the happy couple. This will, in some cases work and in other times, the crasher will be exposed. If the crasher is accepted into the wedding as part of the family, they will have the opportunity to have the most fun that they have ever had.

The best part; about being accepted into a strange wedding as a wedding crasher is that you can do anything that you want, because you will never see these people again. You can have as much punch as you would like and do as many crazy stunts that you can possibly come up with.

Dancing and fun is just part of the fun that can be had by a wedding crasher. It is also a great opportunity to get to know interesting people and make new friends. They can talk to as many people as they want without blowing their cover. They may even use these conversations as ways to understand the wedding couple and help their wedding crashing a little easier.

Being a wedding crasher is a risky business. If you get caught, you may face a very unhappy crowd of people. They may just ask you to leave or they could get a little physical. They may take it badly and get angry with you. If you are lucky, you will just have the opportunity to leave without having to face the police being called.

As a wedding crasher, you will have a lot of fun and get to meet new people. You will also have a new way to get a night out on the town for free. The one thing that you may want to consider is bringing a gift. Some crashers will wrap up an empty box or give an empty unsigned card. This is just an option so that you do not look like another cheap relative. That is something that you do not want to be faced with.