What is a Wedding Crasher?

There are many people that get a lot of fun out of crashing weddings. This is when they intrude on someone’s wedding that they do not know. This is something that many people do for a pastime and as a night out. However it may be fun for them, it can be a disaster if it is not planned right.

Sometimes a wedding crasher will just pop into someone’s wedding inexpediently. They will walk in like they are family and act as if nothing is wrong. There are some occasions where people will questions his or her presence and find out who this dressed up stranger is. Other times, they will go unnoticed.

In some cases, the wedding crasher will give a made up explanation of who they are and how they know the happy couple. This will, in some cases work and in other times, the crasher will be exposed. If the crasher is accepted into the wedding as part of the family, they will have the opportunity to have the most fun that they have ever had.

The best part; about being accepted into a strange wedding as a wedding crasher is that you can do anything that you want, because you will never see these people again. You can have as much punch as you would like and do as many crazy stunts that you can possibly come up with.

Dancing and fun is just part of the fun that can be had by a wedding crasher. It is also a great opportunity to get to know interesting people and make new friends. They can talk to as many people as they want without blowing their cover. They may even use these conversations as ways to understand the wedding couple and help their wedding crashing a little easier.

Being a wedding crasher is a risky business. If you get caught, you may face a very unhappy crowd of people. They may just ask you to leave or they could get a little physical. They may take it badly and get angry with you. If you are lucky, you will just have the opportunity to leave without having to face the police being called.

As a wedding crasher, you will have a lot of fun and get to meet new people. You will also have a new way to get a night out on the town for free. The one thing that you may want to consider is bringing a gift. Some crashers will wrap up an empty box or give an empty unsigned card. This is just an option so that you do not look like another cheap relative. That is something that you do not want to be faced with.

Becoming A Wedding Crasher – 3 Tips For Potential Wedding Crashers

Read this special wedding planning feature on handling being a wedding crasher without any of the dangers of getting whacked in the eyes for doing so! Chum up with the bride and groom but also end up getting your money’s worth especially if you’ve bothered to stop by and buy a present!

It’s okay to head for the banquet straight-away if you’ve dispensed with social niceties and smiling at probable relatives of the wedded couple, but do so in a gracious manner to avoid drawing attention to yourself! Besides, if you conduct yourself with refinement, there’s no way people will catch on to the reality of your having crashed their party, especially if you are dressed-well and act decently. For every party – even the home-parties that friends have, tend to get their share of a party-crasher or two and nobody thinks any the worse of tagging along with a friend to some other person’s party even though this is actually a discourtesy done to the host and not to be encouraged at all! But, few people understand that and sometimes, the party-crashers end up being the toast of the ball so the host is quite glad there was someone fun to turn up the thrill quotient of their dead-beat party, anyway!

If you fancy yourself as the typical Life-Of-The-Party Guy or Gal, then being a wedding crasher is the vocation for you! Well, we’re just kidding about the vocation part, but seriously, it can be great fun and an adventure too, to be a wedding party crasher at least once – double the fun if you’re with a friend, so tag along one if you can – lesser chance of hosts suspecting a couple as compared to an individual they don’t recognize besides it gives you a certain respectability as well if you walk in with a distinguished partner on your arm!

If you see wedding celebrations on and make yourself at home, feeding your faces and joining in the activities planned for special invited guests, you can’t help but feel you’ve done it all by yourself and successfully crashed the wedding of your choice. But, there’s more to the concept of wedding crashing than simply managing to get in – it?s also about staying in and blending with the crowds and not being found out or horror of horrors, thrown out!

Here we present some fun tips to crash the wedding of your choice – and stay in too; take a look if you are a potential wedding crasher for this is a crash course in crashing parties like this!

1. Most wedding crashers are people that missed out on an invite and want to join in the celebrations for the fun of it; many do not intend spoiling the party for anybody and take it as an occasion to indulge in some merry-making at someone else’s cost, thinking what difference will it make to the host if one extra person turns up to nibble a few eats. Actually, it doesn’t if you act gracefully.

2. Try and befriend a guest or family member, claiming acquaintance to feel welcome and prevent being caught out.

3. Get off a sticky situation by pretending to be part of the planning crew e.g. catering or coordinating agency staff. Show up late, have your fill of fun, food and frolic and exit quietly so you are inconspicuous.