Tips On Becoming A Wedding Crasher

In every occasion, there is an invitation. In every invitation, there is an invited guest. However, for every party, there is bound to be a party crasher.

Take for example in wedding celebrations. For so many years now, there are people who come to the event without even an invitation or the mere fact that they were invited. These are known as the wedding crashers.

Wedding crashers are “unexpected guests” primarily because they were not invited in the first place. But because they think that love is in the air and they are not invited, they cannot help but attend the party.

So, for people who wish to know how to become a wedding crasher, here are some tips that you can use.

1. Try to become a long-lost cousin or somebody who is “within” the family.

In most wedding celebrations, the family is always included. In fact, most of the wedding invitations tend to be some sort of family reunions because the family members get together once again.

And because there are tons of relatives present in the celebration, the bride or the groom will not notice, who you are or where did you come from. So, it would be better to pretend as a long lost relative.

Best of all, you could extend the drama if you have a beautifully gift-wrapped package with you. Who could resist somebody who was known as Uncle Clemence’s long lost son and now he has come back (with your personality, of course).

2. Try being a staff member of the wedding caterer or wedding coordinator.

In order to be able to crash into a wedding, you could always pretend to be a staff member of something.

In a wedding, there are lots of people being hired in the planning and preparation. So, one way of crashing into the scene is to pretend that you are a staff member of the catering company or the flower arrangements.

Wedding Movies to Watch Together

There are two words that make most men cringe: Wedding Season. Why is that? Is it a fear of commitment? Is it a desire to avoid the battle between Bridezilla and Momthra? We’re not entirely sure, so we put together a list of movies that you and your guy can watch together. They prove that weddings aren’t necessarily the beginning of the end, and they can even be fun.

In order to make the list, the movie had to be mostly about a wedding (or series of weddings), it can’t just have a tacked on wedding at the end (like the latest installment of certain adventure-archeology series). Also, the movie has to be something that a guy would watch with one of his buddies (buffer seat optional).

5) Honeymoon In Vegas

Before there was Indecent Proposal, Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker were approached with an offer they couldn’t refuse. Cage stars as a commitment-phobe who gets browbeaten by SJP into a Vegas wedding (hmmm, sounds familiar…). From there things go sideways, James Caan winds up winning SJP for 2 days, and Mr. Miyagi runs interference while Cage tries to get her back. Nic ultimately triumphs with the help of the Flying Elvises, Utah Chapter and a lil’ Nevada wedding chapel. Weird that a Nicolas Cage movie ends up with hundreds of Elvis impersonators. Or in Las Vegas, he just can’t escape that place.

4) Father Of The Bride

Sure, it’s hard to call any movie featuring Diane Keaton dude-friendly (except The Godfather) but Steve Martin gives a fantastic performance as a man (George Banks) dealing with his mortality vis-à-vis his kids growing up. George eventually comes around, but not after fleeing from attack dogs, wearing a blue Armani tux, and letting his preteen son (Kieran Culkin) drive a car. On his path to breakdown, he lets the audience in on the collusion between the hot dog companies and the bun companies. Diane Keaton even manages to give some reasonable advice, plus Martin Short turns in one of his best performances as a wedding planner named Franck.

3) The Wedding Singer

It was the late 90’s and everything Adam Sandler touched was gold. Instead of playing a rage-filled simpleton, Sandler stretched it to play an affectionate wedding singer that just wanted a wedding of his own. After getting left at the altar, Sandler decides that “love stinks, yeah, yeah” and doesn’t get out of his funk until he falls in love with Drew Barrymore (does she ever age?) before she becomes Julia Guglia (pronounced goo-lea). Good showings from Christine Taylor and Billy Idol in this one. The movie was set in 1985, so there are a lot of those ‘if we knew then what we know now moments’ involving Van Halen and CD players. Evidently, someone liked this movie enough to put it on Broadway. Totally awesome edition.

2) So I Married An Axe Murderer

OK. This one is really more about the relationship between Mike Myers and Nancy Travis but the wedding is fairly important. Myers started his penchant for playing multiple characters in this movie. His beat poet character, Charlie, was always coming up with reasons to break up with the women he dated. And then he met Nancy Travis, whom he later suspected of being a black widow, “Jane, get me off this crazy thing called love.” The wedding’s reception feature’s Myers as Charlie’s Scottish dad belting out Rod Stewart hits until his bagpiper passes out. We also learn that the world is run by a group called the Pentavirate and that Colonel Sanders puts an addictive ingredient in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly.

1) Wedding Crashers

How can you have a wedding movie list for dudes without Wedding Crashers? This flick hit the theaters and launched the so-called Frat Pack into superstardom. And made guys realize, ‘hey, I can totally get laid at that wedding, sweet.’ Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn were perfectly cast as 2 charming lotharios out to crash 1,000,000 wedding and rock them all. This one has too many quotes to even mention and Will Ferrell’s appearance may be one of the greatest film cameos of all time. The deleted scenes feature an incredible karaoke version of Nena’s ’99 Red Balloons.’ And, yep, a little poetry courtesy of Sarah McLachlan. This movie went on to make 285 million bucks in the theater which places it just behind My Big Fat Greek Wedding as the best selling wedding movie of all time. Enjoy, you motor boatin’ son-of-gun.